Week 6: Blended Learning Ideas from Pinterest

Pinterest has for years been a staple (pun intended) to the crafty side of internet aficionados such as myself. From its humble beginnings as a DIY ideas center, it now contains a vast amount of resources for just about anybody. From decorating every room in your house, to searching travel places, Pinterest is a favorite among its users.

Pinterest in a Blended Learning Environment

Using Pinterest in a Blended classroom is definitely a great idea. Pinterest itself as a tool is powerful because it is a quick visual of links, as supposed to bookmarking in your computer. Not only does it have the added benefit to being online, the links contained in boards and on its search engine are pictures, visual representations of external links to other websites, blogs, How-Tos and other kinds of websites. In the classroom setting, this is a great tool because it helps students to curate information needed for research on any topic, students can not only search pins but also create their own boards and upload websites as pins on their own. Pinterest gives students a chance to find and evaluate information, saving the most valuable for their goal assignments. As a tool, it is even more powerful than other sites such as Symbaloo which can be arranged similarly but is less intuitive. With Pinterest, an image is matched with a good resource which helps the brain to later retrieve that information at a later time. Pinterest is definitely a tool to use in classrooms!

For additional resources on how to use in the classroom, click here, here, and here. Even Edutopia has a list of ideas here.

Click on this image to access my Blended Learning Pinterest Board.



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