Data as a Means to Assess Student Learning: A Website Review


Data surrounds education and for good reason. Data supports, directs, and guides so many aspects of education and as a system, it uses vasts amounts of data to continue serving young children and future generations. As a teacher, the topic of data carries several connotations. It is good in that it provides a quantitative path for directing instruction, pacing, enrichment, interventions, acceleration of students. It drives our day to day and long term goals for our students.

On the other hand, data can be a daunting topic, as it is related to how students are progressing, their levels of entry, levels of progress and levels of performance at the end of chapters, units, school years. More than state testing data, teachers analyze many forms of data from our own classroom assessments, unit tests, online platforms and other sources. To better inform my teaching and how to prepare my students for state testing and to learn the year’s standards, I would pick the PARCC website because it provides with a comprehensive list of resources for parents, teachers to name a few. It also contains practice tests that can be given to students, it includes answer keys and various other test formats such as a Spanish version, a Sign Language version, a version with Accommodations.

As a teacher who is looking for concise, easy to follow websites as go-to website, this particular platform meets all of the requirements that teachers appreciate. I would use the practice tests throughout the year to prepare my students, first students take the test independently, then we would talk about the responses together. I would also use the Skill Builder resource embedded in the website. This resource page contains many great examples of enrichment online platforms to specific standards. As if the resources available to teachers wasn’t enough, it also contains many resources for parents both in English and Spanish.


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