Assessments and Academic Integrity


In completing the midterm assessment of this class, I find myself connecting it to our discussion about Academic Integrity. One of the issues discussed was how to better assess students in an online or blended environment and make sure that no forms of cheating would occur. It often happens that students due to lack of time, time management or appreciation for their learning journey would seek ways of cheating.

In looking at this assignment from the teacher perspective, I can see that having students (us) construct a prezi, as supposed to answer a multiple- choice test that could easily have been copied, searched online, without any long-term learning happening, really lets the instructor know how we are doing in our learning. The prezi assignment required for us to connect 5 iNACOL standards to how Khan Academy meets the requirements of each standard. Not only did we have to read and understand each standard but also synthesize the information to what Khan Academy offers in a blended environment. A midterm assessment such as this one offered little to no chance of academic dishonesty since the product needed to be genuine not only in the information that was on the slides but also the videos that were to be included. In addition, it was a lot more fun and engaging to create a prezi and making the connections from standards to online tool the way we were instructed to do. Since it required some thoughts, note taking, trial and error when creating the videos, the learning was authentic, more fluid and it is likely to remain a lot longer than if I would have taken an online test or written an essay response to questions.  


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