Using Virtual Learning Environments to Assess Student Learning

The following review comes from Immersive Science’s iED Save Science video about using virtual environments to assess student learning.

  1. The kinds of data that are being gathered by students working on these simulations are:
    1. Problem solving in a low stakes environment using given and found digital tools
    2. Investigative tools to collect evidence
    3. In the Introduction module, such tools are used to compare measurements like wind direction, barometric pressure, precipitation and temperature
    4. Data charts to draw conclusions about air masses, fronts, and precipitation
    5. In the basketball assessment, students are using pressure gauges, scales and tape measure to record data
  2. In order to ensure that my students are learning the expected outcomes, I would include group participation like Wikis or discussion forums in which students are to communicate with one another to achieve a given set of goals. In addition, I would make sure that students are keeping a journal, paper or digital, in which they are jotting down important information to lead them to achieve the outcomes of the simulation. Lastly, I would include a peer review of each other’s performance with a given rubric in terms of individual effort and participation.

All in all, this seems like a very interesting simulation I would use during our Weather Unit  in 6th grade. I would use it as a way to assess their knowledge of fronts, temperature, precipitation, their ability to read charts, which is very important in the NGSS. Using virtual reality as a way to assess my students seems like a very engaging format to use.


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