From Novice to Expert

In looking at the differences in writing, in presenting ideas and information I had just learned about those two couple of week, I can definitely see the differences. There was still much to learn about assessment, UDL, UbD, social learning theories, and the famed 21st century tools that make blended and fully online learning so successful. If I could go back in time to the beginning of this journey, I would tell myself that I am learning everything at its own time and that I did great in terms of understanding and delivering information on a blog from what I had learned.

What I am most excited about is applying all this knowledge learned in these two classes in a meaningful way. From the beginning, my main concern has been not staying consistent with that I expose my students with, it being Google Classroom vs. Schoology, using paper exit tickets vs. Socrative or other wrap up lesson tools. Even though much of this journey has been exploring different tools and resources, it has also been exhausting and not very well thought out as far as consistency to see proper progress or lack there of. I am very excited to see how the next couple of weeks bring all this information together and how we grow as 21st century teachers of concepts. Not only have I witnessed my own growth but also the one of my fellow classmates who, surprisingly, are all at different stages in term so usage, availability and level of expertise. I have no doubt that the next couple of weeks are going to bring even more learning and that we are going to get closer to close the achievement gap by using technology tools we have seen on this class.

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