Using Media to Support Students in Key Summative Assessment

The culminating assignment for my Science Lesson Demo will be to have students, in groups of 4-6, put together a skit in which a cell heroically performs the job it is supposed to do thanks to the different organelles and their own jobs despite obstacles such as common cold viruses, living organisms not drinking enough water, not eating well. Props can be used with materials available in class such as construction paper, masking tape, newspaper and tempera paints. Therefore, in preparation for the Key Summative Assessment for the Science Demo Lesson I will be showing the following video.

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 11.52.21 PM

The above link is an example of a skit created by students in which they performed, or discussed the function of their organelle within the cell. This will be used BEFORE students begin working on their summative assessment and the idea behind including this video is to discuss what they see. Students are to look for key features that make it a successful skit and  key features that the students would need to develop to be even better. Students are to match their discussions with the grading rubric of this assignment and dissect it to understand all parts of it before they actually begin their skit.
Some of the UDL guidelines presented on this particular assignment are Multiple Means of Representation because students will not only read the grading rubric with the teacher in class, they will also get to see this video as an example. It is up to them to decide how successful the video production is for the purposes of our class and our unit goal and objective. It also provided Multiple Means of Action and Expression in that students will be supported as they come up with their own skit, using this media production as their basis for what their own presentation would look like.


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