Reaching out to Experts and Key Summative Assessment

The outside expert I am reaching out to for this unit is a curriculum leader for the science textbook we are using in class. Currently, our textbook is not very hands on and not very practice in the hands-on classroom. Because this has been a problem in my classroom, I am reaching out to this expert in hopes to meet with him or any of the teachers working on this section of the textbook in hopes to engage in some real discussion about how to reach all students, first of all, not just the ones in the middle, but also help other populations of students such as the ones that have an IEP, students whose first language is not English, and students who excel in academics and are often bored because the content does not challenge them. My idea is to bring some of the learning opportunities to their attention and help them see what a 21st century learner needs in terms of engagement, real tasks, meaningful learning opportunities and other ways of learning.

I am using this resource as a way for my students to get real meaning into their learning and also I want the curriculum leaders to look into other ways of engaging students, maybe it wont always be using a device, but including more activities that are collaborative, that get students emotionally invested in activities and learning opportunities. I think if anything else, it could get them to think about some of the activities they have at the end of the book that don’t relate to students and are simply not enough.


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