Backwards Planning: Inputting the Key Summative Assessment into CourseSites

Now that the Key Summative is in the course shell I feel good. The process of putting it together was interesting, I thought I had all my corners covered and as I was putting them in the shell, more ideas came, and several small changes took place. For one, I wanted everything under a folder and as I created the tasks, they looked too overwhelming, so I decided to break them down into tasks, various of which had a drop box for students to turn in something. And I am going to be honest, some items I am still not sure about, but being that I spent hours and hours in front of the computer adding and deleting and changing stuff, I am going to have to think about and come back to it and decide later. It might be that I add the rest of the assignments and then decide until later.

Overall it has been a very interactive experience, always thinking about, how my students, their levels and their limitations come into play as my shell gets completed. Also, after the discussion of this week, the idea of a synchronous meeting and its real objective come into play. That on its own has been a challenge, but the insights that my classmates brought after I asked the question “How do you see yourself using this with your current students or demographics?” I got some good feedback and plan on using that as the basis of my plans later in the course.


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