CourseSites Demo Shell: Beta Testing Reflection

As a Student/Beta Tester:

It was interesting trying to play a student with a specific disability and overall try to see it through the lense of a student, not a teacher. As a teacher, I had many compliments and was very happy to see all that work put together into her demo shell, because I knew how much time it takes to put together and how creative one has to be to troubleshoot issues like turning in an assignment on google docs or microsoft, to write on a Discussion board or journal depending on the objective of the assignment. Not only because it was nice to see the work but thinking about good ideas to incorporate on my own demo. In my feedback I had to keep reminding myself to speak from this particular student’s view not a classmate who I admired for her hard work put into this shell.


As a Designer/Teacher:

As a designer, I was a bit nervous to show my demo shell to someone else, especially knowing that they had done theirs as well and knew exactly what to look for. I very much appreciated their feedback as it was meaningful and on point. I really like that the person giving me feedback was not just praising without really saying much but really gave me meaningful information I could go back and look at and decide to change or not. Not only that but my reviewer did an excellent job putting himself into the shoes of the case study student which really helped me see how a student with a disability would cope with the assignments on my demo shell.


Bottom Line:

As a whole, I do feel like getting really into the demo shell and preparing it for someone to look at really got me thinking about best practices. In addition, thinking about my current students’ capabilities and environment really helped me decide what would be appropriate for them so that the assignments are challenging yet not too difficult that they would ultimately get discouraged and fail. The entire process this week, including the checklists, got me as close as possible to putting this into real practice as if it was with my students. And the ideas and suggestions from my reviewer were practical, minor tweaks that will make my shell even better.


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