The Nature of Our Learners

The following is a link of a classmate’s Prezi presentation on “The Nature of Our Learners” From the beginning, the presentation emphasizes student-centered classrooms where students are given the opportunity to succeed using their creative and unique skills not merely their ability of rote memorization. The resource videos provided are a great example of what the presenter is talking about, especially the first one which is an example of a student-centered school. 

The presenter ends his presentation with a core belief of building relationships with students in the online environment as a way to make learning more meaningful for students and enhance the rate of success students encounter while on this online unit.

At the core, the presenter and myself have similar beliefs about student learning and how to properly engage this generation with more meaningful opportunities to get in touch with their own learning. Not only to increase accountability but also to give them lasting opportunities to internalize information. As far as presentation beliefs, this presenter touched on different beliefs that those of my own presentation. All encompass in the end what we want for our students, a more unified 21st century set of learning opportunities for our students.


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