Self Assessment: The Road towards Refinement of My Demo Unit


After reviewing the 11 iNACOL standards, I feel like my unit stands very strong in the following standards: F, G and H. Standard F is about being cognizant of diversity of student academic needs. Standard G is about assessment implementation that ensures the validity and reliability of the instruments and procedures. I feel strong in this aspect because the assessments I created for the unit are of collaborative nature and are also created by the students so it is easy to tell whether or not students are creating their own skit by the steps taken in the different tasks within the Key Summative Assessment and the creativity that goes into the group skit. In addition, I feel I am strong in Standard H because the design document goes into great detail explaining not only steps but also strategies of implementation that would be useful for anyone using my course unit shell in the future.

In contrast, the standards where I feel I could work on some more are Standard C because I feel like there are more opportunities I could incorporate that would help future teachers better implement this unit given the population of students I have and the available tools within the course unit shell. Following on that, Standard D is also lacking in my unit, as I feel that there are not that many opportunities for future teachers to see my guidelines for best practices, how to ensure student success and clear expectations on meaningful feedback.

In order to address these, my plan is to go by the powerpoint provided to use as a checklist and make sure I expand on the Hidden Files folder to ensure that a proper set of guidelines and feedback are given to anyone who could be teaching this course demo shell. I believe that an expanded Hidden Files folder will allow any teacher to 1.) go directly to this folder for strategies feedback, 2.) It will allow for a more centralized way of access the “How to’s” and other kinds of feedback.


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