Reflection on Teaching a Live Online Lesson

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 11.20.05 PM

How did it feel to deliver and record a lesson online for the first time? It felt a bit weird, not only because of the recording-anxiety I was feeling throughout the time, and trying to be mindful of the time, but also because as a class, we have been talking about this unit for some time and have dissected it so much and reflected on it so much, actually using part of it into a presentation was a bit nerve wrecking. Overall though, and now that it is over, I am excited that I got to try it. I think it would be a great tool to have once my students are able to take their chromebooks home and I can have a “Study session” or “Tutoring Session” live online. I should mention that our district is planning on implementing what they call the 24/7 Program in which students are given chromebooks to take home and use for the whole year. I am very excited at the prospect of being able to use these with my students, and the lesson I recorded was a very good way to get it started.

My lesson was a bit of a lecture and not so much as a discussion or lesson. It was meant to be a study session for an upcoming assignments that students were supposed to have a hard time with. My partner did a great job pretending to be a student and asking questions, thus making it easier to imagine this was a real study session with students.

From this experience I was able to imagine how it would go in a real setting. For the future I think I will make sure to keep in mind the time, sessions should be more question-answer based. I will also try not to go on and on and on without asking questions. Even if it was a mock lesson, I could have turned it into a question-based lecture. Lastly, I would include my student(s) more as it really was a one-way conversation for the greater part of the video.


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